Show the carnage and injustice the Zionists have committed. Show what a shameful thing it is to be a racist, warmongering Zionist. Document the Zionist attack on humanity with irrefutable evidence. Take an historico-critical approach and document the facts in video documentaries. It took a while to figure out a good approach to letting him ride streets again. 1. Gently does it – Waking you up while you’re in a light sleep is the natural way to wake up. World public opinion will favor this approach, and the Zionists will further alienate themselves as warmongers and troublemakers, while the Iranians will become increasingly seen as a nation under unjust, inhuman and racist attack. A documentary about him would be widely seen. Produce a documentary of his career and interject the facts of Zionist corruption. The Iranians have gone further and sought to build coalitions in South America and Africa to cure the neglect and deliberate impediments and attacks Zionist controlled nations have imposed on these continents and their nations.

The British People know that they should not be in the region with warships, but they do not want their military personnel to pay for the crimes of their Zionist controlled politicians. The international peace organizations, which have their roots in the subversion of American efforts to combat communism, are silent on KGB Putin’s crimes of aggression. The libertarians and objectivists practiced Trotskyite entryism to infiltrate White Nationalism, and are now outspoken anti-American propagandists and apologists for KGB Putin. The life story of the communist jew Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner teaches us many valuable lessons which are helpful to understand KGB Putin’s propaganda attacks on the United States of America. They always attack America and side with our enemies. At the same time, they are glorifying our mortal enemies and calling on you to offer suggestions on how to destroy America and rebuild the Soviet Union. The libertarians are calling for the balkanization of America and a gold standard, which would plant masses of communists on our shores and destroy our monetary system and economy for the benefit of Russia.

He has asserted that something must be done to either revise or replace the system. We must organize and fund a Presidential campaign for 2016. The communists are rotting out America and Europe from within and without. The international press, long controlled by communists, apologizes for Putin and attempts to make America appear weak and defenseless. As far as I am aware, Ahmadinejad has not made specific proposals as to how this should be done, or what form international bodies should take. have done, which is a brilliant move I never even considered, was for Ahmadinejad to pardon the trespassers. Use the power the Jewish controlled media has given President Ahmadinejad. The Iranians asked for nothing in exchange and skillfully avoided any appearance of hostage taking, much to the chagrin of the Jewish controlled media. For some users, these pushes to share your info on social media sites may be more annoying than helpful.

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