How to Save some Money While on You Next Cruise

So, you’ve finally booked that much needed dream cruise vacation. You’re all excited and ready to set sail on the high seas! Before you sail off into the sunset, there’s one very important tip you won’t find on the cruise line page under FAQ. However, it’s a tip you should know if you want to save your cash for souvenirs, local shopping and entertainment. It’s also a tip that is sure to optimize the fun of your vacation. What can be more fun and daring than an excursion that sends you zip lining two feet high over a ceremonial trail of burning coal to prove you’re worthy of living among the human population?

It is knowing that you won’t be among the unlucky travelers waving Bon Voyage to their alcohol while watching the gate keepers split the spoils of your booty like modern day pirates. You can avoid that disappointment if you know how to sneak booze on a cruise. Cruise lines charge anywhere in excess of $7.00 per drink. Now, multiply that by the number of drinks purchased during the day by the number of days of the trip. Well, after putting away a few cups of the spirited libation, the logic for math goes overboard! Save yourself the trouble by following this simple tip. Cruise lines are much like airlines, they check carried on bags as passengers walk through metal detectors. Sneaking alcohol in a cruise in your carried on bag(s) is a definite way to get it confiscated! Instead, you want to pack your liquor in luggage that will be checked in.

These bags go ahead of you with cruise line staff where they are delivered directly to your cabin. One good way to ensure your bags are handled well is to tip the baggage handler upon turning your luggage over to them. Besides, with all of the extra cash you’ll save from sneaking your own booze on, there won’t be any reason not to tip! Like airlines, cruise lines won’t run luggage you’ve checked in through the xray; and if they do, don’t worry your alcohol won’t be detected. First, you want to purchase a couple of containers called “rum runner flasks.” These containers are an inexpensive way to hide and transport your alcohol. The flasks are made of a durable material which allows them to fold or role up for easy storage when empty.

They are easy to use and most importantly they go undetected through X-Ray. Some other benefits of the rum runner flasks are: they’re reusable and won’t change the flavor of your drink. The flasks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate as much as a bottle of wine, or as little as a glass of wine. You can store your alcohol in the flasks days, weeks or months ahead of your travel date. Now, when adding the flasks to your luggage I would suggest wrapping them in or between a towel or two just in case a little leakage occur during travel.

Leakage is probably not likely but one can never be too sure. The flasks are secured with a twist on cap; so just double check your caps to make sure they’re on tight! In closing, if you are one to have loose lips after a couple of drinks, you may want to take care in dinner conversations. Sharing with your fellow cruise mates how to sneak booze on a cruise may not sit well with your Captain! Happy sailing and sneak responsibly!  Check out their sister articles at if you want to know a good way of sneaking some alcohol into concert halls as well.